What Do You Do With Referrals?

Now that you’ve experimented with the concept of six degrees of separation, you probably have a half dozen new referrals to talk to. What are you going to say to them?

It is strange, but while nearly all sales businesses talk about the value of referrals and teach their sales force to ask for them, they generally neglect teaching how to contact a referral. And yet it is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful ways to grow your personal book of business.

This is one way to do it.

Learn the script below. Add in your own company information and get comfortable with the wording. Yes, you can tweak it if you must but that could be perilous. Then grab your new list of referrals, pick up the telephone, dial the first number, and using your personalized script, experience the magic of referral prospecting…

SalesGirlYou: Dialing the first number…

Lisa: Hello…

You: Good evening is Lisa Smith available?

Lisa: This is Lisa…

You: Lisa, my name is _______, and although we’ve never met, we have a mutual acquaintance in (first and last name of the person who gave you the referral). Tell me, have I caught you at a time when you can talk for a few minutes?

Lisa: Yes, I have a few minutes….

You: Great. Let me tell you why I’m calling Lisa. As I mentioned, we have a mutual acquaintance in Sue Williams. When Sue and I were speaking yesterday I mentioned that my company was expanding into the (Lisa’s city) area, and asked her if she knew of any sharp people in (Lisa’s city). Sue immediately mentioned your name as someone I should definitely speak with… Sue spoke very highly of you, and was impressed with your background. She gave me your telephone number, and I promised her I’d give you a call. Lisa, I have a simple straightforward question for you… Are you open to any offers?

Lisa: Well, I must say that I’m flattered. What kind of business did you say this was?

You: Lisa, I’m working with an international company out of (city, state). It’s a (brief industry description) company that (time in business) ago launched the (benefit-driven product description). As a matter of fact we’ve had such tremendous success that we’re expanding our business into the (Lisa’s city) area.

You: Lisa, there is some serious money being made here. As a matter of fact, it’s the first (company product benefit statement) that allows the average person to actually profit from the future growth of (top selling product benefit)!

You: Again as I mentioned, we’re presently expanding our business base into the (Lisa’s city) area… Lisa this may or may not be for you. But based on Sue’s recommendation, I’d like you to take a closer look at our company to see if there is a reason for us to talk further.

You: I can get some information to you in a number of ways… What works best for you? (Depending on what your company recommends for a pre-exposure, you may want to offer Lisa an opportunity to listen to your five minute prerecorded business or product overview, or ask him to visit a selected portion of your Website, or actually mail him your business information pack. Remember, you need to find out where Lisa’s interests are before you send anything. After all, if Lisa wouldn’t get involved, why would she recommend this to a friend?)

Using a script like this, almost anyone can go six for six every time. Six calls, six queries, and six new exposures to your business. Of course, the real magic is in actually following through and getting them involved, or if they are not interested, persuading them to give you six more names to contact—those they believe might be interested. Either way you win!

Another six calls, another six queries or requests for help, another six exposures to your business. And on and on it goes…

Working referrals is one of the best wealth-building techniques you can master in the sales business.

By now you ought to be getting comfortable talking about your business and answering common questions. You’re about ready to dip your toe into your warm market of family and friends…

Stay tuned.


John Gilger is a LifeSuccess Coach with over 40 years of experience as a leader, mentor, and trainer. He can be reached at john@jgilger.com or 702.527.8508 (voice or text)

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