Monday can really be a great day…


I used to dread Mondays.

That attitude ruined my Sundays too because I spent the whole day grumbling and stewing over the fact that I had to go back to being a wage-slave the next morning.

Maybe you are one of those people who spend the majority of their lives thinking negative thoughts like “only 2 days left until the weekend”, or “Crap! It’s Monday again!”

Years ago, I was working construction and I had to be at the jobsite by 6:00am and the drive was 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. I usually didn’t get home until about 6:30pm and most of the time we worked a half-day on Saturdays. I was working outside sweating my buns off all day. Combine that with the pitifully small paycheck every other Friday and this became an absolutely absurd situation.

Tuesday mornings were even tougher. I’d wake up still exhausted from the day before with tired, aching muscles … thinking there was no way I was going to survive the rest of the week, let alone another 30 years.
I still don’t know how my dad and grand-dad did that… working at that same job for all those years.

Some people claim that your body can adjust and cope with hard work and that workers would get used to it over time. I suppose this might be true, but it seemed to me that I just got “used to” being tired and worn-out all the time.

Working in an office or a bank may be physically different — you are on a 9-5 schedule and you’re not being worked to death like you would be if you were working construction, but you are still bored to tears and locked into a lower-middle class existence. And I’d bet that you still prefer your weekends to your Mondays, right?

Look, you don’t have to be a wage-slave.

Really, you don’t.

You do have to realize that in order to live free you’ll have to take more responsibility than you are accustomed to.

When I say “responsibility” I’m not talking about “blame” or “fault”. I’m talking about you being WILLING to take charge of your situation of your situation and take action.
There will be no one else telling you what to do and when to do it.

There will be no one else to blame.

YOU will have to CREATE the life of freedom you want.

This is a totally different dynamic from what an employee is accustomed to.

It requires you to take charge and it requires that you handle any problems.

Your reward is freedom.

You can’t have freedom without personal responsibility.

And you can’t be irresponsible without giving up some freedom.

The moment you give someone else the responsibility for your happiness and well-being, you have decided “I cannot take responsibility for my own life. I want someone else to tell me what to do, so I’ll submit myself to that person. Please take care of me.”

That is what happens when you are a wage-slave. Someone else is taking responsibility for all the hard stuff… all the thinking and all the CREATIVE stuff that brings them wealth. They hire you to do the tedious, repetitive, boring tasks for you to do in exchange for a little bit of money.

That truth runs counter to everything you learned in school and it is the biggest thing that most people struggle with as they adjusting to it. Most entrepreneurs starting some sort of home business flounder because they want someone else to give them answers and to provide them with all the “instructions” they need.

Well, when you’re the Captain of the ship, you have to find your own answers and decide upon your own actions to get the ship moving.

That is not to say that there are no systems you can use or instruction guides available for various things.

It’s just that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny is going to leave them on the table next to your orange juice tomorrow morning. Get it?

However, when you choose to be courageous and RESPONSIBLE, the reward is your freedom.

When you get down to brass tacks, the question is whether you hunger for freedom or the servile security of a wage-slave.

When you decide that you want to be free and to be responsible for your own life, the next thing you’ll need is an income vehicle.

That part is easy and I’m here to help you when you are ready for that transition.

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